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New League champion Ornn teased with Nordic folk song

He sounds epic.

Riot Games

Update, 8/7: Ornn’s full release, including his unique ability kit, is here!

League of Legends' next champion release, Ornn, has been teased with a song in his honor on the Universe website. Ornn, a Freljordian vanguard, was previously teased in the latest champion roadmap.

In image of a scroll pops up when you click on the image of a horn that we saw before. A song in another language also begins to play, so make sure your volume is turned up.

Riot Games

The text on the scroll depicts the translation of the song, which is sung in what sounds like an old Scandinavian language, likely Icelandic or a fictionalized version of old Norsk. Lead producer of champions Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, who is helping produce Ornn, confirmed that this mixed language is Ancient Freljordian on the boards.

The tone of the song, as well as the powerful lyrics certainly make Ornn sound like a legend or a god. Frejordian champs mostly have a mystifying magic quality about them, so we’re excited to see what Ornn can do.

Since we know Ornn is a vanguard, we can expect their kit to have hard initiating and them to be tanky — probably meant for the jungle or top lane.

According to Daniel “ZenonTheStoic” Klein, this champion was worked on by Blake “Squad5” Smith, who made Ivern. He’s also worked on Jhin and Jinx, but Ornn will be his second full design.

Some people on Reddit seem to possibly cracked from Freljordian lore as well. One Redditor pointed out that maybe Ornn crafted Braum’s door-shield, to which another user responded saying that Braum’s shield was made from dark ice magic. A third user jumped in to say that maybe Ornn made the door. Reav3 responded to them with a winky face. We can’t say for sure if that’s a confirmation or not, since Riot loves to drop fake hints around, but how rad would it be if it’s true?

We can expect more news on Ornn to drop on Monday or Tuesday.