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New rune that reduces your ultimate cooldown revealed

For when you feel like playing a Dota-amount of League of Legends.

In this week’s rune update, Champion Designer RiotWrekz jumped onto the Dev forums to preview two new runes meant exclusively for late game use. The first rune adds some guaranteed stat scaling as time goes on while the other helps you cooldown your ultimate even faster than normal.

Gathering Storm

Riot Games

Every 10 minutes gain +8 Ability Power or +6 Attack Damage, adaptive, per 10 minutes of game time that have elapsed.

Working through a quick example, that means:

10:00 8 AP 6 AD

20:00 24 AP 18 AD

30:00 48 AP 36 AD

40:00 80 AP 60 AD

Based on the fact that this says “adaptive,” I am assuming that this means that the rune will determine which damage type our champion uses and only give you one of those stats, not both (sorry Corki). It is worth noting that these stats are significant, essentially a high end item’s worth. This rune certainly looks picking up whenever the game turns into the unkillable tank meta.


Riot Games

Gain 5% cooldown reduction and maximum cooldown reduction on your ultimate. This increases by 1.5% each time you cast your ultimate. Stacks up to 10 times.

The stated purpose of this rune is to help champions who rely mostly on their ultimate (examples they give being Vi or Amumu) be more useful. However, champions like Lux, who already have a ridiculously low cooldown on their ultimate, will benefit from this as well. Taking this rune on certain mages can essentially guarantee that your ultimate will be up every time you fight.