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Thunderlord’s Decree and Stormraider's Surge returns in new rune system

If it ain’t broke ... turn it into a rune.

In this weeks edition of “even more runes,” champion designer RiotWrekz hopped onto the Dev Corner to resurrect two of the most used keystone masteries. In case you had any doubts, Thunderlord’s Decree and Stormraider’s Surge are returning when the Rune’s Reforged system releases later this year.

Stormlord’s Mandate

Hitting a champion with three unique attacks or abilities within two seconds deals bonus magic damage.

Damage: 40-220(+25 percent bonus AD)(+20 percent ability power)

Cooldown: 50 seconds

The word “unique” is key here. Instead of Thunderlord’s current deal, which allows for some abilities (like Morgana’s Tormented Soil) to trigger it on its own, the new iteration requires three different casts to hit before the damage procs. Stormlord’s is now an all-in style keystone, rewarding characters like Zed for jumping in and dropping everything on one person at once.

Spellslinger’s Surge

Hitting a champion with 3 unique attacks or abilities within two seconds grants 30 percent - 60 percent movement speed for three seconds. Additionally, melee champions gain 75 percent slow resistance while active.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Using abilities hit instead of damage dealt allows for the newer iteration of Stormraider’s to feel more consistent. For all-in champs or even fighters, it also provides you with a nice decision. Once you proc it, do you keep going or use your speed to fall back to safety?