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If you were honorable before the Honor rework, you're getting free icons

Better than nothing, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Riot Games

With the new honor system out and people grabbing honor 5, the players who had older honor ribbons will finally be getting their promised compensation ... and it’s a summoner icon.

If you ever had a ribbon of the old honor categories (honorable opponent, great leader, great teammate and friendly) then you will automatically get the respective icon. If you were in the top 10 percent in your region for honors in that category, you will also get the icon.

Here are the icons:

Honorable Opponent

Great Leader

Great Teammate


Fear not, average joe, you will also get an icon (below) just for getting more than 10 honors on the old system.

Riot loves to give out commemorative icons when they retire older things. We saw icons to celebrate the alpha test of the new client, to retire Dominion and more. While getting icons as compensation has become more or less a meme in the recent months, it’s better than nothing.

The icons should roll out on to your account by August 30.