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New rune lets you trade out Summoner Spells mid game

Plus a Freeze Ray rune that will slow your enemies.

In the weekly rune dump this week we got quite a pair. While one is the run of the mill utility buff, the other fundamentally changes the pick ban phase for whoever takes it. Whether you want to slow your enemies or trade out a Summoner Spell mid match, it seems like the new rune system will have a tool for you.

This week’s first rune is easily the most controversial.

Summoner Specialist

You start with 1 Summoner Shard and gain an additional Summoner Shard each time you cast a Summoner Spell.

Swap a Summoner Spell to a different one by exchanging 3 Summoner Shards at the shop. Additionally, gain 15% Summoner Spell cooldown reduction.

(You cannot have two of the same Summoner Spells)

The ability to trade out Summoner Spells is certainly a powerful one and one that will provide quite a few opportunities to surprise your enemies.

The next rune is for those who want a Frozen Mallet but just don’t have the gold.

Hextech Freezeray

Your first attack on a champion slows them for 1.5 seconds (8-3 second per-unit cooldown).

Ranged attacks slow by 25% - 40%

Melee attacks slow by 35% - 50%

Additionally, your active item slows create an icy zone around their target for 5 seconds, slowing all units inside by 70%.

This rune will be excellent for champions that struggle to keep up with their enemies. It seems as though Teemo is certainly a powerful choice for this rune in particular, although it could also have some excellent effects on tankier characters like Dr. Mundo or Gnar.