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Ardent Censer has finally gotten nerfed

Sorry, Janna!

Riot Games

After being a pretty big problem in the game for quite a bit, Ardent Censer has finally been nerfed in Patch 7.17.

The item now doesn’t really scale in the late game as hugely as it did anymore — it actually doesn’t scale at all anymore. Instead of giving 20-35 percent attack speed and the same scaling health drain buff, it now just gives a flat 25 percent throughout the whole game.

This makes Ardent Censer a not bad early game item, but it’s devastating late game is gone. It still does buff your heals and shields, so it’ll remain core on champions like Soraka and Janna, though it won’t be as important as an item as it was before.

In previous patches, it certainly felt like once the enemy support had an Ardent Censer and a Locket of Iron Solari, their carry would never die and they’d just become an unstoppable killing machine. While the peel is still there, the carry won’t have as crazy as a boost as before.