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Season 8’s preseason will be ‘the biggest yet’

Expect League to get pretty messy for a while.

In gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon’s recent Gameplay Thoughts post, he spoke a little about the upcoming preseason.

The first point made was that this preseason is going to be rough for a little while. It seems that the main offender here is going to be the new rune system, as it will be changing almost everything about the game. While they are doing their best to test the system internally, Meddler expects the live servers to more or less be on fire for a little bit.

But have no fear, this preseason will apparently be one of the biggest and lots of problems should be expected. But with pretty minor changes in the last preseason, sweeping changes for League is something that we should all be excited for, even if some of the runes seem a bit questionable at the moment. Meddler also assured readers that they would be working quickly to solve any problems that arise, meaning that we could see very regular hotfixes or even weekly patches throughout the preseason.

We can expect preseason to hit around when the League of Legends’ World finals are over in early November.