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Ryze and Malphite will be getting changes soon

They wouldn’t rework Ryze again ... would they? (They totally would.)

In gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon’s daily Gameplay Thoughts post for August 22, he popped in to chat about two older champs getting some changes: Ryze and Malphite.

It is not secret that Malphite is not the most modern feeling champion at the moment. He is kind of just a big ole’ rock monster that hits stuff. Meddler is hoping to make him more interesting, especially when facing up against AD compositions. He mentions adding some changes to Malphite’s W (his auto-attack buff) to make him a better tank. We should expect these changes to hit around Patch 7.19, although the team needs more testing time to be sure.

While most players are probably eager to see Malphite get some love, everyone is made nervous with the uttering of Ryze tweaks. Have no fear, this probably isn’t a another Ryze rework. I mean ... probably.

The goal with Ryze is to shift his power around to make him more viable in solo queue without making him a pro play monster. However, it is worth noting that Meddler still referred to Ryze as a problem child and suggested that he certainly won’t be fixed after this new update. So, I guess I lied and yeah ... Ryze is probably getting another rework soon. Cash your bets folks, we are going in for another round.