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There are now four more champions in the free week rotation

Also, Taliyah!

Riot Games

The free champion rotation every week has had 10 champs in it for as long as most of us could remember. That’s changing now! In a forum post, Riot Cactopus gave us the low down on what’s going on.

Recently, we've seen players asking for us to expand the weekly free champion rotation beyond just 10 champs. So that's what we're going to do!

Since we’ve added a lot more champions over the last few years, updating our model to include 10% of all champions instead of just 10 is just fair.

Starting now, there will be 14 champions in the free-to-play rotation going forward. Whenever we eventually release our 145th champ, we'll increase the rotation to 15 free champs (we're rounding up).

Presumably starting now, the number of free champions per week will scale with how many champions are in the game.

Taliyah is also getting her free week debut, as she hasn’t been part of the rotation since June 2016 — a couple weeks after her initial release. People have been begging for the Stoneweaver to be a part of the rotation again and their prayers have been answered.