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New ‘Guardian Soul’ rune introduces click-to-shield mechanic

Shield your allies with agency!

In this week’s Runes Corner, Riot Gregab showed up to give us a look at the new “Guardian Soul” rune will do. This keystone will allow tanky support champions to better aid their allies, saving them from harm while also giving themselves a little defensive bonus.

This keystone is meant to effectively replace Courage of the Colossus, allowing players to actively help their allies. But without a way to bind a rune to a key on the keyboard, the development was troubled. It went through several iterations from walking into allies to trigger it to just clicking on them.

In order to save those of us who click constantly (guilty), they came up with a brand new solution.

You can right-click an ally any time you want to mark them briefly. The shield will only trigger (and the keystone only go on cooldown) if they take damage while marked.

This new way of triggering (even just the ability to click on an ally and mark them) had to be coded into the game specifically for this rune. While the team has found a version that they feel strongly about, they are still looking to push it in new directions.

As always, these runes are subject to change, but this one in particular looks like it may evolve quite a bit between now and November.