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Tristana takes over Caitlyn’s reign of terror in the bot lane

Did somebody say “big crits”?

Patch 7.16 finally brought nerfs to the queen of the bot lane: Caitlyn. There’s a new marksman in town and she’s always been waiting in the shadows for the queen’s demise. Let’s take a look at these win rates.

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Caitlyn has been on a downward slope for a little while but she always retained her power until the most recent patch. In Patch 7.13 her win rate sat at 52.75 percent, only to go down gradually each patch until it got to where it is now: 45.25 percent.

Her Piltover Peacemaker saw a damage nerf as well as her Yordle Snap Traps. This hit her late game damage and thus made her a less desirable carry. Caitlyn is still oppressive and a nightmare, but she’s not doing nearly as well as she was four patches ago.

Tristana is interesting because her win rate didn’t see much of a boost at all. Her play rate, however, has gone up from 16.03 percent to 20.26 percent. Tristana is in 20 percent of all ranked games in Platinum or higher. Let that sink in. If you play a ranked game at that elo, there is a one in five chance it will have Tristana.

Janna, the undisputed public menace support, only has a 17.72 percent. Tristana is more popular than Janna. Janna!!

Tristana saw no changes other than a small bug fix to her Omega Squad skin, but here she is. Why? Because Caitlyn is bad now and nobody wants to play her, but Tristana is the other big crit late-game champ that obliterates your team while she’s standing an entire screen away.

Tristana is the new Caitlyn and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Here is the list of ADCs in order, by win rate. Draven is at the top, which means this meta sucks.

Riot Games
  1. Draven (53.52%)
  2. Twitch (53.35%)
  3. Tristana (51.75%)
  4. Kog’Maw (51.63%)
  5. Vayne (51.07%)
  6. Jinx (51.07%)
  7. Kalista (50.69%)
  8. Miss Fortune (50.38%)
  9. Sivir (50.32%)
  10. Xayah (50.16%)
  11. Varus (50.10%)
  12. Ashe (49.62%)
  13. Jhin (48.92%)
  14. Lucian (47.40%)
  15. Caitlyn (45.25%)
  16. Ezreal (44.51%)