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Ornn’s ‘brittle’ status effect makes crowd control last longer on targets

Why shouldn’t tanks do even more percent of health damage?

Riot Games

League of Legends already has tons of different status effects: stunned, poisoned, knocked up, stasis, slowed, etc. The newest status effect being grounded, which was brought into the game during the Cassiopeia rework last year. With Ornn’s release in Patch 7.17, we will be seeing yet another new status effect: brittle.

When Ornn uses his W, Bellows Breath, he spews flames from his mouth in a small arc. At the end of his breath, he belches out a final flame. Champions hit by the last burst will be marked as brittle. The next time any kind of immobilizing effect hits a target marked by brittle, they will be immobilized for 30 percent longer than normal and suffer percent of health damage. With Ornn specifically, auto attacking a brittle target will knock them back. It is also worth noting that Ornn’s ultimate, Call of the Forge God, will apply brittle with each hit.

Brittle is currently entirely unique to Ornn, although it is fairly likely that this could grow past him. After grounded was added to Cass, it didn’t take too long for Riot to add this new tool to Singed’s kit as well, granting him yet another way to make all of us sad that we have to play against him. Brittle seems to have a lot of potential for characters that rely mostly on the crowd control of others, although we will have to see if it reaches anyone else.

I wonder what other champions could benefit from such an effect ...