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Newest runes give low cooldown Flash, consumable Zhonya's

Also, item lending!

Technical game designer Riot Reinboom jumped onto the forums this week to announce even more changes coming this preseason. Runes Reforged is getting a new rune that plays into Zhonya’s Hourglass, while the item itself is getting a new component. The post also detailed the rune that allows you to borrow gold, something we have only heard about before. Finally, Flash can now be channeled when it is on cooldown.

Stopwatch is a 600 gold item that eventually builds into Zhonya’s Hourglass and Guardian Angel.

Stopwatch - 600 Gold

UNIQUE Active - Stasis: Become invulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds, but be unable to move, attack, cast spells, or use items during this time (One time use)

Once you have used Stopwatch once, it shatters, disabling the the active effect entirely. However, it can still be used as a component of other items.

Broken Stopwatch - 600 Gold

Is broken, but can still be ugpraded. (After breaking one Stopwatch, the shopkeeper will only sell you Broken Stopwatches.)

This item will basically allow you to survive one massive hit early on in the game’s lifetime, effectively lowering the cost of your first Zhonya’s. But keep in mind that it offers no combat stats at all, so you are only buying to save your life once. A new rune will conveniently provide you with one of these new doodads.

Perfect Timing

Start the game with a Commencing Stopwatch that transforms into a Stopwatch after 6 minutes. Reduces the cooldown of Zhonyas Hourglass and Guardian Angel by 15%.

Not only does this cheapen your inevitable Zhonya’s or Guardian Angel purchase, but it provides a free save at six minutes and does not require you to shop. The cooldown is also pretty handy.

There is another rune that changes the way that we think about Flash.


While Flash is on cooldown it is replaced by Channel-Blink. Channel-Blink: Channel for 2.5 seconds to blink to a new location.

Cooldown: 20 seconds. Goes on a 10 second cooldown when you enter champion combat.

Have you ever wished that you could Flash the Baron pit when you didn’t have your Flash up? Well, now you can.

Finally, we got a few more details on the Store Credit rune, which allows you to take out a loan withe shopkeeper.

Store Credit

You can enter debt to buy items. The amount you can borrow increases over time. Debt limit: 150 + 5/minute

Lending Fee: 50 gold per item

Even with these details, I still don’t feel entirely confident on how this rune works. As we get closer to pre-season, I am sure that we will have these questions answered.