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New Star Guardian Invasion mode brings PvE to League with alien void monsters

And Skarner. Skarner is there, too.

Riot Games

In the upcoming Star Guardian event, Riot announced there will be a special PvE game mode, and it looks incredible. This is the first PvE League of Legends game mode we’ve seen since the horrifying experience that was Doombots!

The game takes place in Valoran City Park, a beautiful map for this gamemode! You play as one of the 10 Star Guardians and take down baddies throughout different encounters. After seven, there will be a final boss.

Riot Games

In between encounters, you’ll be awarded gold and you’ll be able to shop. There are also different types of encounters, where you’ll have to defeat all the enemies, escape to a certain point or even just defend against monsters.

This all looks great and we can’t wait to play it, but this is what caught our eyes:

Riot Games

Take a look at those aliens! They’re all lovely void monsters — and Skarner — with silly names. Jumpy Slash Monster is Kha’Zix, Scary Spitty Monster is Kog’Maw, Draggy Tail Monster is Skarner ... you get the point.

Even the Herald is all done up for the event, looking especially green and purple! We love her!! She’s a queen! All Heralds are queens! (I’ve now been told that I need to stop describing her like this every time I mention the Rift Herald.)

Rioter BuffMePlz did note in the comments of the Invasion post that while these designs are cool, there isn’t any plan at the moment to release these designs as skins.

Invasion will be on the Public Beta Environment for testing and should release with the rest of the SG event on September 7.