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Loading screen tips will go away sooner next patch

Did you know Swain’s bird is named Beatrice? YES, WE KNOW.

Riot Games

Reports from players of the loading screen tip staying for way too long have been loud since the release of Patch 7.15. In the latest Quick Gameplay Thoughts by lead gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, he stated that this will be fixed in Patch 7.16.

For anyone still wondering, yeah, these are definitely lasting much longer in game than they should. We'll be shortening them in the next patch (7.16) so they're not still on screen as you're trying to jungle invade or emote spam each other.

The loading screen tips are silly and great for loading in, but the huge bar gets in the way while leashing, invading or goofing off. We don’t need to see Swain’s bird’s name every for that long. We get it, her name is Beatrice. We won’t call her “dumb crow” ever again. Sorry.

Things will be back to normal in the next patch, so enjoy(?) this minor early game nuisance while you can.