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Urgot’s win rate is expectedly abysmal, Kayn’s still bad

The boys are back in town, but they’re not very good.

Riot Games

Urgot launched this patch and Kayn launched in Patch 7.14. Kayn wasn’t doing so hot on release — which is typically how it goes. Let’s take a look at how the edgy reaper is doing in this patch, along with new Urgot! The headline might have spoiled you for the reveal. They’re not doing well.

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As expected after his rework, Urgot’s win rate has taken a deep dive in top lane going from 51.24 percent in Patch 7.14 to 44.34 percent in Patch 7.15. This is fairly normal for new champions or reworked champions, so we’ll see him again in two weeks to see if he’s doing any better. It obviously takes time to master those shotgun knees.

Kayn is doing better than before, but that isn’t saying much. He started off with a low win rate at around 42 percent and 45 percent for top lane and jungle respectively. He’s still not above 50 percent, which typically shows that a champ is healthy or good, but he’s getting there! Maybe in the next patch he’ll be doing even better?