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Urgot’s new ability kit is here

Ohhh, he’s so gross! Awesome!

Riot Games

Over the last five years, Urgot has been the butt of everyone’s jokes, but no more. Finally receiving his own update, Urgot is ready to become a real champion again and to build a new role for himself as League of Legend’s first true ranged juggernaut. We have known about this update for a while, but it wasn’t until today that we saw the full kit.

The new reworked Urgot focuses on location and positioning with each of his strange spidery legs shooting a shotgun blast in the direction it’s facing. Alongside these new shotgun knees, Urgot gets a few different ways to re-position his enemies either by flipping them, or by reeling them in with his ultimate.

Where will he play? What exactly will he do? Why is he so dang gross? Who knows, but we are sure to fine out soon.

For a full look at all of The Dreadnought’s new reworked abilities check out our breakdown below:


Riot Games

Attacking in the direction of one of Urgot’s legs causes that leg to combust flames outward, dealing physical damage to enemies in a cone and putting that leg on cooldown. Consecutive hits within a few seconds deal reduced damage.


Riot Games

Fires an explosive charge at the target location, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and slowing them.

Enemy champions struck are locked onto.


Riot Games

Urgot shields himself and rapidly shoots the nearest enemy, prioritizing enemies that are locked onto and triggering Echoing Flames when possible. While shooting, Urgot walks more slowly, but becomes resistant to incoming slows.

During this time, Urgot can walk over non-champions and cannot basic attack normally.


Riot Games

Urgot charges in a direction. If he runs into an enemy champion, he'll stop, grabbing and throwing them to the other side of him - damaging and locking onto them.

Non-champions trampled during Urgot's charge take the same damage and are knocked aside.


Riot Games

Urgot fires a hexdrill beacon that impales the first enemy champion struck, locking onto them, dealing physical damage and slowing them.

While impaled, if the target falls below a health threshold, Urgot may re-cast Fear Beyond Death to suppress the target, slowly reeling them in and - when they reach him - executing them. During the re-cast, they are untargetable, and this effect can only be ended by killing Urgot.

If Urgot successfully executes an enemy, he terrifies all nearby enemies.

In the reveal, Riot also showed off a video showcasing some of Urgot’s play-making potential. Check it out.