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The new Omega Squad missions are live

Who doesn’t love icons?

Riot Games

Similar to the VS. Event missions, the Omega Squad skins have assembled and offered you up some in-game tasks to complete. These can be found in the lower right-hand side of the client, next to the little chat box. When you log it for the next week or so, you will have a small group of Omega Squad missions to complete.

The first mission is fairly straightforward: win one game. This is of course easier said than done, but I am confident that you can make it happen. Things get a little more interesting with the next two. The Medic mission asks you to kill 10 enemies and get 25 assists in PvP matched games. The Saboteur mission wants you to collect 40,000 gold in PvP games. Both of these quests are complete-able over the course of as many games as you need, so you don’t have to have the most spectacular game of your young career.

The last two missions require a bit more commitment. The first asks you to win three games (PvP only friends, are you noticing a trend?). The second asks that you get slay 1000 minions as a team as well as slaying 400 on your own. If you are a support main, that second one could take you a minute.

What do you get for your reward? An Omega Squad Token is rewarded for each mission your complete. Once you have collected five, you can go into your loot page and forge your tokens into the Omega Squad Veteran icon — the stuff dreams are made of.

These missions will be around until August 22, so be sure to jump in now before you lose your opportunity to get this sick icon.

UPDATE 7/31:

In addition to the Omega Squad Veteran icon, the weekend has revealed yet another mission ... with yet another icon to reward you with.

Playing any match with or against a Omega Squad skin will net you the Omega Squad Recruit icon. You don’t have to do anything to get it other than participate and finish a game with Omega Squad Teemo, Tristana, Twitch, Veigar or Fizz.