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How to set up the new vision ping

Ping ping ping!


Riot announced that a ping to warn your allies about enemy vision would be coming to the game and it has finally made its way into the patch 7.16 Public Beta Environment cycle!

The icon that pops up is a red eye, which is fairly easy to recognize. The ping is not part of the circle for quick pings, though. So, to use it, you need to set up a key for it in your settings.


It can be found in your game settings under hotkeys. The new “Area is Warded” ping is found below all the pings we already know and love.

Now you can warn your junglers that the tri-bush is warded or tell people to get out of places that the enemy has vision before they get jumped by the enemy Rengar!

The only question left is if this ping will replace the question mark ping when BM-ing your teammates for bad plays. The eye ping screams, “I saw that!” but the question ping is probably more for, “What the heck was that?” Either way, I can’t wait for teammates to spam it against me.

The new ping should make its way to live servers along with the rest of patch 7.16 in coming weeks.