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Sivir immediately hotfixed after 'bad form' 7.15 buffs

With the patch only hitting this morning, this is one of the fastest hotfixes ever.

Riot Games

Despite patch 7.15 only being out for a few hours, Sivir has been hotfixed according to League of Legends Gameplay Lead Meddler. Meddler announced the hotfix via a tweet in which he appologized that the original patch 7.15 changes was allowed to be released.

The original change would have increased Sivir’s Boomerang Blade damage at the first level by 30 from 25 to 55. Now, according to Meddler’s tweet, the damage will only be increased to 35 at the ability’s first level.

While hotfixes have been happening more and more frequently with the last several League of Legends patches, this was was faster than any of the previous ones with the update coming just a few hours after the patch officially launched earlier Wednesday morning.

These changes come just a Sivir is beginning to see play again thanks to a few shifts in the meta that favor her combination of wave clear and movement speed. This change would have likely placed Sivir into the instant ban category thanks to what would have been an overwhelming strength in almost all aspects of the game.