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Nasus' updated ability now gives scaling armor reduction

These are the first changes to The Curator of the Sands since his slight rework in 2016.

Riot Games

Nasus has always struggled to find his place in League of Legends. If he manages to reach a high enough stack count on his Siphoning Strike then he becomes almost impossible to deal with, taking down squishy champions on a four second cooldown. If he doesn’t manage to get his stacks up, he gets kited and crowd controlled by enemy tanks and never manages to make a difference.

The need to reach a high stack count for the late game usually meant Nasus would disappearing into side lanes for the entire game and only fighting with his team once the game went late. Thankfully, in patch 7.15 Riot thinks it may have found an answer to the strange problems of Nasus.

In the past Nasus has found himself almost completely unable to deal with enemy tanks. With his tweaks in patch 7.15 his E, Spirit Fire, will reduce enemy champions’ armor by 35 percent at max level, rather than the 35 flat reduction it did previously. This should allow Nasus to more effectively deal with tanks while teamfighting, as well as take down his overall power against squishier champions like AD carries.

These changes couldn’t come at a better time for the overall meta of the League of Legends at the moment as some of the game’s strongest tanks return to the forefront. While these changes may not seem huge on paper, they could catapult Nasus to the front lines in the war against tanks.

The other change that Nasus is getting in patch 7.15 is a huge buff to his power when he uses his ultimate ability, which will now reduce the cooldown of his Siphoning Strike by 50 percent. While it remains to be seen whether or not these changes make any real difference in the feast or famine playstyle that Nasus has had for the last several years, or if it makes him any more likely to fight with his team, these changes certainly signal that Riot isn’t quite happy with The Curator of the Sands’ place in the game right now and is keeping an eye on him.