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Patch 7.15 might make support Lux a thing again

Now your ADC won’t have to die every time you miss a Q.

Riot Games

Lux has always been a champion that worked pretty well in either mid or support. Her high harass damage and long range crowd control, helped lock down the lane and she paired well with similarly long range AD carries like Caitlyn. However, her Light Binding’s long cooldown in the early game and Lux’s general lack of utility made her easy to punish should she happen to miss an ability.

As more champions have moved to support like Zyra or Bard — who either have easier to land damage or a little more utility — support Lux has largely fallen by the wayside. Thankfully, Lux is getting a second look in patch 7.15, thanks to a few changes that could make her viable in the role again.

Riot is taking down the cooldown of Light Binding slightly, which should put it a little more inline with the likes of Thresh’s Death Sentence or Morgana’s Dark Binding. The real game changer for Lux is her new Prismatic Barrier which will give allies double the shielding if it passes over them twice. With a little less punishment on her CC and double the possible shields, don’t be surprised if patch 7.15 brings the Lady of Luminosity back into the bottom lane.