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League of Legends champion release and rework schedule

To be updated as more get announced.

Welcome to The Rift Herald’s page for new champions. Here we will maintain a constantly updated list of all upcoming reworks and teased champion releases. Curious about who we have coming to the Rift soon? We’ve got you covered.

Champions are listed in the order that they will most likely release in.

All champions, reworks and full new releases, are listed in their assumed order. Please keep in mind that everything about this page is subject to change, including the unlikely event that one of these champions/reworks could get cancelled before ever seeing the light of day.

1. Bubble Mage

In their latest roadmap, Riot revealed plans to release a bubbly mage champion with a very lighthearted them. We don’t really know anything at all about this champion yet, but we will probably hear something pretty dang soon.

2. Swain Rework

Swain will be shuffling his way back onto the Rift sooner rather than later. We don’t know much about Swain, other than his tenancy to occasionally rip the souls out of his enemies. We will have to wait and see before we get any concrete details on the Master Tactician.

3. Irelia Rework

Irelia is one of League’s most unique top laners. In most cases that would be a good thing, but for Irelia she ends up a little too feast or famine. Thankfully, she will soon be receiving a complete rework. Riot has stated that they want to keep Bladesurge in tact, but that everything else should be brand new. She should arrive soon after Swain.

4. Aatrox Rework

Rioters have been talking about Aatrox’s rework for quite a while at this point. It seems like Aatrox is going to be the largest update they have ever done. They have been trying to make Aatrox work for almost five years now and it seems that this could be his moment. However, we still have quite a while to wait.