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Extra rune pages will still cost IP or RP

But they won’t be entirely necessary.

Riot Games

In the latest rune update, Riot Cactopus stated on the boards that players will still have to buy rune pages with IP and RP.

Rune pages won’t work like our current mastery page system where you can have 20 of them to customize. You’ll buy pages with IP and RP as usual, though you will not necessarily need 20 of them.

Each account starts with two rune pages and if you have an in-depth understanding of what every new rune does, you won’t need more than that. The need for extra rune pages right now stems from the fact that, unlike masteries, you can’t edit rune pages while you’re in champion select. However, once the new update launches, you’ll be able to just that!

The rune pages you have now will also carry over to the new system, so no need to fret if you own all 20 pages.

There has been no update on whether or not rune pages will cost the same staggeringly high 6300 IP. (That’s the cost of a new champion, Riot! Come on!)

The rune update is planned to launch during preseason in November.