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Base stats will be adjusted for the new rune system

Riot has heard the communities concerns and plans quite a few changes to help the champions that relied on runes most.

Riot Games

As Riot gets closer to the introduction of their new rune system, set to debut this preseason, the company continues to answer questions and address concerns that the community raises. The latest example of this came on Thursday when Riot briefly discussed their plans to help out some of the champions who need runes most.

In a news post by champion designer Riot Wrekz, he explained that Riot had heard the feedback from players who were worried about the state of certain champions that need a slight boost in the early game and rely on runes for those stats. Riot’s response to this will be to provide a slight buff in the base stats for several of the game’s champions as a means of counteracting the loss of certain important runes.

The post also mentions the potential of new and more specific early game items, such as a potential Doran’s Dagger, which would provide early game attack speed. While this was the only item mentioned, the potential for more in a similar vein is stated as a part of Riot’s plan.

Finally, Riot addresses some questions around balance for the new runes by basically saying that achieving the level of balance they want these runes to have will simply take time. One part of the new system that they hope will help with the balance — as well as allowing players to experiment more with their builds — are new Adaptive runes which will provide scaling AP or AD based on what the player builds.