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Runes bought from May 30 until November will be refunded

You’ll get that IP back!

Riot Games

Ever since the preseason rune update was announced, everyone has been concerned about what will happen to the runes they have now and if they’ll get any compensation for spending lots of their hard-earned Influence Points.

In a forum post by Riot Cactopus, he states that users who buy runes from May 30 until sometime around preseason will get all their IP refunded.

So here's our plan: when preseason arrives we'll refund all the IP you've spent on runes since May 30th, 2017 (the date we published the Riot Pls video linked above). This deal is effective now, so if you've got the IP for some runes you want, go ahead and grab 'em! We'll refund you later. We were originally going to roll these changes out with our bigger announcement in September, but we wanted to put this out there now since many of you have been asking about rune prices.

He also goes on to say that rune pages will not be refunded because you will still need to buy them when the update launches. The rune pages you have will carry over to the new system. You’ll also be able to update rune pages during champ select now, similar to how you can edit masteries now.

Riot has not announced what they’re doing for further compensation for players who bought runes before May 30, though. They’re still working out how to give back to rune-hoarding players in a way that’s fair for everyone.