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Evelynn is the next full champion rework

Pink and black!

On the previous champion roadmap, it was announced that Evelynn’s new rework would be a modernization of the demonic dominatrix. In the latest update, lead champion producer Reav3 showed up to announce a brand new Vanguard champion and drop some new information on some upcoming projects, one of them being Evelynn.

We already knew that Evelynn was coming after the 7.18 patch, meaning that she will be disqualified from play at 2017 Worlds. But in this new post, it has become clear that she will be the next champion to release after the Vanguard. The post states that she still isn’t ready and will be a while, but fans have been waiting for a Eve rework for years; who cares about a few more months?

As far as details about the rework, Reav3 mentions “PermaStealth” and a “shadow form.” So stealth is certainly going to be her main angle, and the team is evidently working to make sure that she has the tools to be successful when attacking from the shadows. What could that be implying? The visuals of stealth will also be getting a massive upgrade, as would be expected.

Finally, Reav3 leaves us with a tease of Evelynn’s new lore and issues a challenge to the lore buffs out there:

We’re also going through and updating her narrative and place in Runeterra. In fact, one of our current champions already had a run-in with Evelynn after her parents embraced the lashes of agony. I’ll let you guys comb through the lore to figure out who’s life was sent down a much darker path thanks to Evelynn’s sadistic proclivities.

Sounds like we know why Annie is called The Dark Child. Or perhaps it could be Vayne, who had a stealthy woman kill her parents in her updated lore? Whose life do you think Evelynn ruined?