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Urgot rework gameplay preview

Yuck, and also, blek.

With each new rework they have done, the designers over at Riot Games have learned, improved and created a better product from before. Urgot is no different in his most recent update. In fact, Urgot may actually be their finest example to date. He still looks like Urgot, feels like Urgot and yet he is a far better champion that current Urgot has ever hoped to be.

Previous to this release, Urgot’s thing has always been “being gross.” He was supposed to be this crusty, weird, monster that everyone frowned at. New Urgot takes that original idea and turns it way, way up. He still looks wrong, anatomically revolting and oozing with unknown green stuff. His body is branded and burned. He walks on crab legs that do not turn as he does, instead allowing just his body to twist in a 360 degree angle around his vehicle. It is unnerving and so very cool.

What is perhaps most amazing about that particular aesthetic decision is that is isn’t purely for looks. Instead, they managed to incorporate his single direction legs into his kit in one of the single most brilliant abilities in League of Legends. Urgot’s shotgun knees are cool and thematically appropriate. As he walks up to enemies, his mechanized legs spew acidic shrapnel toward them, dealing plenty of damage in the process.

This passive is worked in especially well when you take his W into account. Turning Urgot into a walking turret, little indicators show where Urgot must position himself to fire all of his knees while pelting the targeted foe with bullets. This creates a nearly perfect feeling of situational positioning, similar to Aurelion Sol’s passive or even Fiora’s ultimate.

The E has a short range, only really allowing you to grab someone very close. But whether you are getting a gank from an ally or doing the ganking yourself, Urgot’s flip should be more than enough to secure the kill.

If there is anything wrong with new Urgot, it is his Q. It isn’t a bad ability, it is just a little confusing. When hitting and enemy, it is supposed to lock onto them. This can’t really be seen through any visual indication at the moment and isn’t immediately relevant to you. Targets that are locked on will be prioritized when using your W, but that only really matters in a situation where there are multiple targets to begin with. The lock on surviving the kit at all is just a little strange. It makes sense thematically, but the clarity and actual use leaves something to be desired.


With the only real negative out of the way, it is time we talked about the most important ability here: Urgot’s ultimate. Holy cow — this is the coolest ult in the game now. It is a terrifying thing to behold, watching someone be dragged to their fate by Urgot. As the chain pull them in, Urgot’s stomach lifts up to reveal gears/saws meant to shred anything that comes close. When the champion being pulled hits Urgot, their is a brief stutter before an explosion of damage. No body is left in the wake.

Everything from the look to the sound is so scary and cool. It feels unique and it allows Urgot to take out big targets when paired with a poke composition. The long range on the drill itself also ensures that no matter where Urgot is being played, no one is safe from his grasp. The first time that you recall behind your tower at 25 percent health and Urgot pulls you into his stomach, you may just uninstall and take a nap.

Urgot won’t release until next week, but boy am I excited to see how he shows up in games. His kit isn’t over complicated, isn’t too crazy, it just makes him feel like a monster. It is part of what makes the image of him grabbing people with his normal human hand so disturbing. From a thematic perspective, he is absolutely perfect. From a gameplay perspective, he seems pretty dang good as well.

We will be able to tell even better when he is released onto live servers, but on the PBE? I have enjoyed the hell out of him.

Now is a great time to be an UrGod.


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