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Kayn is OK, Cho’Gath is godly in patch 7.14

You need to ban Cho’Gath or play him. No other option.

Riot Games

This week’s patch included buffs for top laners, the release of Kayn and an update to lethality. While the lethality update was extremely toxic to gameplay at first, it’s since been patched — so we’re not going to focus too much on assassins and AD carries this time around. These win rates are supplied by

Let’s get the Darkin in the room out of the way first.

Kayn’s win rates actually aren’t terrible for his release week. They’ve both been steadily crawling up as people get used to him and some of us predicted him to do much worse than this. His mechanics are a little hard to get used to, so we’ll give him more time and revisit him after patch 7.15 releases.

What the hell? 13.11 percent? Nope, this isn’t a joke. Jungle Cho’s win rate has gone up 13.11 percent from 43.33 percent to 56.44 percent and that might be a sign that letting the beast infinitely scale with his HP was a dangerous decision. We can definitely expect some nerfs for the void monster to come in patch 7.15, so get in on the power while you can.