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Does anyone have Honor level 3 yet?

Do you have it???

It’s been weeks since the revamped honor system has launched in North America and it seems like most people still don’t have honor level three. In fact, nobody I’ve talked to or played with has honor level three.

We understand that leveling up in honor shouldn’t be an easy thing. Getting honor and leveling up should feel good, but dang, it’s taking everyone quite a while to level from two to three.

There’s no meter or way to tell how close you are to level three and we definitely do not know the numbers behind the system. We know that Riot wanted to avoid giving out too much information so people wouldn’t start devoting time to farming honor. It’s something that needs to be earned, but nobody has any idea how well they’re doing.

Do you have honor level three or higher? Let us know in the comments how often you play and how often you get honor. We’re all curious.

7/27/2017 Update: Reports of players from OCE obtaining honor level 3 are now coming in! Seeing as this is the region who got the honor system first, it’s no surprise. Honor 3 should become more available to players in other regions soon!