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New Meteor Rune looks hot, shoots a dang meteor

Like the name says.

As part of the Rune’s Reforged initiative heading into preseason, Riot has teased yet another potential keystone mastery. One of the team members for Runes Reforged, Riot Gregab, posted a preview of Meteor on the Dev Corner this week.

This is probably a placeholder image, seeing how it’s just Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time sideways.
Riot Games


Damaging a champion with an ability hurls a meteor at their location. If the meteor hits them it deals bonus damage [40-100, based on your level +0.2 AP and 0.2 bonus AD]. The cooldown is 8 - 20 seconds.

How does Meteor work? Riot Gregab goes into more detail below.

When Syndra’s Dark Sphere hits Cassiopeia, the meteor fires off from Syndra’s position aimed at the spot where the sphere hit Cassio. Note the red circle that shows up on the ground after Dark Sphere hits.That’s an indicator showing where the meteor’s going to land, giving opponents an opportunity to dodge it. Plus, note the small orange sphere orbiting Syndra before she casts Dark Sphere. It indicates that Meteor is off cooldown and will fire with her next ability. Despite these warnings, Cassio stands still, allowing the meteor to hit her. If she’d walked away before it arrived she could have avoided its damage.

The post goes on to say that Meteor is from the Sorcerer family tree, which evidently focuses on AP AoE damage. The team’s motto for Sorcerers is “unleash destruction,” which is pretty cool, I loved that game on my PlayStation 2. Riot Gregab compares this rune to Perxie, a single target pet that they mentioned in another post.

Meteor looks to be a more dodge-able, more damaging version of Thunderlord’s Decree, which would certainly be welcome. Something about everyone throwing a giant fireball, even if they aren’t Brand, seems a little odd thematically. When Anivia throws a great ball of fire at you, it has to look a little strange, right?

As usual, all of this information is subject to change before the preseason hits this November.