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Challenger League of Legends players will get special in-game recalls

The shiny golden recall goes to anyone who is currently in Challenger.

In addition to the loading screen borders and icons that ranked players get, Challenger players will now get special gold recalls that are awarded daily.

The recall looks almost the same to the normal blue recall, but it just has a fancy gold recolor over it. The purple Baron recall will overlap the gold and it will still appear blue on the minimap.

The idea was brought to Riot’s attention by pro player William “Meteos” Hartman, and they went to work.

This update will release in a future patch and will be updated daily with rewards. If you’re Challenger at the end of Monday, you will have the recall all day on Tuesday. However, if by the end of Tuesday you drop back down, your recall will be gone on Wednesday. You have to keep up that grind for that shiny recall!

This is all done in an attempt to reward the highest skilled players for their dedication and hard work! Physical rewards, like the jackets that were announced next year, should be arriving to all 2016 Challenger players soon.