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The new Evelynn rework will be a “modernization”

New looks, same shade.

UPDATE: According to a post by Riot Meddler, Evelynn’s rework will be sometime after the World’s patch. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she will release once Worlds is over, rather that she will just not be playable during the tournament.

In the 2017 Champion Roadmap, Lead Producer of Champions, Reav3, gave a few details on the upcoming Evelynn rework. While Eve is still a little ways off, she won’t be a complete overhaul the way that Aatrox or Urgot will be. Instead, she will maintain part of what makes Eve cool while still having her quality of life upgraded. Reav3 compared her more to Warwick than other reboots.

Reav3 also linked to the Champion Roadmap from January, where they laid out more of what would be changing with the stealthy assassin. The three goals on Eve are: solidify her as an assassin, add more satisfaction to ability use (no more auto-fire Q pls) and increase her game health. The post goes on to say that PermaStealth is neato, but needs some serious revamping in order to allow for her to have more power elsewhere.

Look, Evelynn is a giant pain in the ass to deal with right now, so any changes to her are welcome. According to the post, Eve is still a little ways off, but we should hopefully be seeing her sooner rather than later. Eve’s main problem right now is that she does incredibly high damage while also getting tanky in the weirdest way that I have ever seen. Hopefully, her focus on becoming more of an assassin will fix this issue.

Just ... buy Control Wards everybody. They are pretty cheap.