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The new Urgot rework is coming soon

The three major food groups: AD Carry, Tank, Shotgun Knees

In the 2017 Champion Roadmap, Lead Producer of Champions, Reav3, gave a few details on the highly anticipated Urgot rework. Urgot is quickly coming down the pipeline, possibly being released before Worlds. The goal with this update is to keep everyone’s favorite lumpy monster weird, while also making him a little more focused.

Urgot will remain “pretty unique,” being League’s first true AD Carry/tank hybrid. Urgot will fall into the Juggernaut class, alongside Darius and Garen. However, unlike his armor-clad, massive-weapon-wielding brothers, he will deal with his enemies from range. Apparently, the team is very happy with how Urgot has turned out. More importantly, Urgot will have shotgun knees, which was the question on all of our minds.

Urgot is an odd champion for a lot of reasons. Namely, he feels pretty awful to play against. Often times, his poke can feel relentless and un-dodgeable. But somehow, he still remains kinda cool? His ultimate is interesting and his look is just horrifying enough to keep people interested. Hopefully this new update will hit soon, as I’m sure that we are all anxious to see how terrifying he looks in lumpy high definition.