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Aatrox will be getting the biggest update Riot has ever done

It’s a long way off, but it’s gonna be huge.

In the 2017 Champion Roadmap, Riot’s Lead Producer of Champions, Reav3, gave a few details on an upcoming Aatrox reboot. Apparently, a complete rework for Aatrox is one of the communities most requested gameplay updates, despite him getting serious changes earlier this year. This new rework will focus on rebuilding him to truly fit his original intentions: a demonic warrior who craves bloodshed.

Reav3 goes on to say that the Aatrox rework will be the largest pure gameplay update that Riot has ever done. Each and every ability will be changed in some way or another. This rework is not quite ready, in fact, the post states that the team is still a ways off and in early development. However, Reav3 details that the project is going very well and that even some of the very early changes are promising.

Aatrox is one of League’s most disappointing champions. Not because his kit is bad, per say, but because from a visual and lore perspective, he could be so much more. There is a lot of hidden potential resting behind that horny head of his. Hopefully, the new developers will be able to harness that potential, and we will all get a glimpse into what it means to be “the Darkin Blade.”