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Patch 7.12 changes: Rek’Sai and Jhin are back

I mean, I didn’t ask for them back, but here we are.

New patch, new me. Not really, but the meta has shifted in favor of some different champs since patch 7.12. According to, here are some champions that had huge win rate changes.

Not much changed about Ekko other than a bug fix. His Timewinder wasn’t correctly applying his passive on the return if he died. Maybe those dead Timewinders really mattered or maybe people are getting in their practice for SKT T1 Ekko?

Rek’Sai’s win rate in patch 7.11 was abysmal at 44.49 percent. That’s not the worst we’ve seen on champion updates, but dang, that’s pretty bad. She’s now in a much better place, sitting at 50.78 percent! Her base AD and the AD ratio on her Un-Borrow got some love, making her healthy again. Her ultimate is also now harder to dodge. Look out, carries - she’s coming.

Corki has been in the come-up with his win rates increasing over multiple patches. His base AD ratio has gone up and his passive is now split 20 percent AD and 80 percent AP - which means it’s Hextech Gunblade and Trinity Force time, baby!

Jhin had seen better days - remember him in season 6? He’s doing much better now that his Curtain Call damage got buffed and the attack damage ratio in his Dancing Grenades has been upped. He’s still sitting at a below 50 percent win rate at 49.75 percent, but hey, at least he’s improving.

He doesn’t really belong in the bot lane, but he’s being picked there about 25 percent of the time he’s picked in platinum or higher! He does have a startling amount of crowd-control and his saplings make him quite the lane bully. Build a Liandry’s Torment and Zhonya’s Hourglass on him and watch your enemies explode!