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Upcoming League of Legends champion teased with mysterious eye


In the 2017 champion road-map, Ryan “REAV3” Mireles, Lead Producer of Champions, teased a couple of new champions. However, sub-head, A Shadow on the Horizon, gives some creepy hints about a new monster coming to Summoner’s Rift.

Mireles refers to this new creepy crawly as a mind-infesting, game-carrying, jungler beast. This will also be the first champion since Gnar that can transform, although the transformation mechanic will be unlike anything else in League. Suspicious. That is all we have for now, although more information is apparently coming soon.

Based on that eye, it is entirely possible that this could be a new champion from the mysterious Void. The Void, which is the original home of champions like Vel’Koz, Kha’Zix and all the other X’X champions, is a spooky, evil place with a dark link to Runeterra. It is also where Malzahar and Kassadin were changed forever. Blah, blah, spooky purple stuff, blah, etc, etc. That eye looks real monster-like and a lot of our monster champions are from the void. We haven’t seen a visitor from the nether-world since Vel’Koz in 2014, so this has me excited. The timing is right, the eye is right ... only time will tell.