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Patch 7.12: Support item changes

So many changes!

With Patch 7.12, we saw a bunch of much-needed changes to support items. When I say a bunch, I mean it. Support players should finally be able to vary their build from game to game. No more Redemption every game. Righteous Glory is finally cool again. Zeke’s Harbinger has a new name. Everybody get excited, its support-a-mania in here.

Locket of the Iron Solari

Base shield value down. Bonus health ratio added to shield.

SHIELD :: 70-665 (at levels 1-18) >>> 65-434 (+2-36% of the caster’s bonus health) (at levels 1-18)

REMINDER :: Locket chooses the higher level between caster and recipient when determining shield scaling - this is unchanged. The new bonus health ratio is always based off the caster’s bonus health.

Boy, Locket has had a weird trajectory. Back when their was Aegis as a separate item and Bulwark ... but we won’t get into that here. Over the past several years, Locket has lost a lot of power. It went from being this must-have team-wide magic resist monster to a great item for supports. Now it is seeing some tuning and quality of life changes. Still a great item on almost any support.


Health and health regen down. Mana regen up. Heal decreased but scales better with heal amplifiers.

HEALTH :: 300 >>> 200

HEALTH REGEN :: +75% base health regen >>> +50% base health regen

MANA REGEN :: +125% base mana regen >>> +150% base mana regen

HEAL :: 65-490 (level 1-18) >>> 30-370 (level 1-18)

[NEW] UBERHEAL :: Redemption’s heal amount is affected three times as much by heal and shield power amplifiers

I was getting really bored of having to build this item on Thresh, so thank god its gone. For champions without the healing mastery who also have no reason to pick up items that buff your heals, Redemption has very little use now. The heal is still decent, sure, but not really worth a spot on the more tanky supports.

However, it makes for a fantastic item on someone like Nami or Soraka, both of whom already have builds focused on increasing their healing output. In the hands of these kind of champions, Redemption is still very, very powerful.

Zeke’s Convergence

Now builds out of Aegis of the Legion instead of Amplifying Tomes. Passive now creates slowing storm when triggered, instead of granting ability power and critical strike chance.

NAME :: Zeke's Harbinger >>> Zeke's Convergence

TOTAL COST :: 2250 gold >>> 2400 gold

BUILD PATH :: Glacial Shroud + Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome + 380 gold >>> Aegis of the Legion + Glacial Shroud + 400 gold

ABILITY POWER :: No longer grants 50 ability power

ARMOR :: 30 >>> 60


COOLDOWN REDUCTION :: 10% (unchanged)

MANA :: 250 (unchanged)

Item effects

[NEW] UNIQUE PASSIVE :: Casting your ultimate near your ally surrounds you with a frost storm and ignites your ally’s basic attacks for 10 seconds (45 second cooldown). Enemies inside your frost storm are slowed by 20% and your ally’s attacks burn their target for 50% bonus magic damage over 2 seconds.

[NEW] UNIQUE PASSIVE :: Frostfire Covenant: Basic attacking a burning enemy ignites your frost storm to deal 40 magic damage per second and slow by 40% for 3 seconds.

CHARGES :: Zeke’s Convergence no longer gains charges over time or triggers based on charge count, and no longer grants 20% bonus ability power or 50% critical strike chance when triggered

CONDUIT BINDING RESTRICTION :: 60 second cooldown >>> Can’t be re-bound while Frostfire Covenant is on cooldown, and the binding active can’t be cast on the ally you’re currently bound to, or other allies that are bound by a different Zeke’s Convergence.

If that looks like a lot of changes, it is! However, Zeke’s is now a much more attractive item. Now hinging on when you can use your ult. When you ult, you will be surrounded by a weird storm that makes your designated ally’s basic attacks do a burn. Enemies in the storm are also slowed. Attacking a burning enemy makes your storm deal damage and slow for even more.

It is more defensive than offensive and is pretty flexible. Put it on Nami to get some extra defense and brighten your ADC’s day. Or, slap it in your Thresh build to make getting trapped in the box with you even worse. I think the rework of this item is really cool and far more interesting than the old version.

Athene’s Unholy Grail

Now converts mana regen into ability power. Less cooldown reduction.

ABILITY POWER :: 40 >>> 30

MANA REGEN :: +75% base mana regen >>> +100% base mana regen


BLOOD EARN RATE :: 20% of premitigation damage dealt to champions >>> 25% of premitigation damage dealt to champions

[NEW] DISSONANCE :: Grants 5 ability power for every +25% base mana regen

HARMONY :: No longer grants +25% base health regen for every +25% base mana regen

Finally, an AP item for supports that won’t get you yelled at. This item is great for champions like Nami, Lulu, Soraka and a bunch of other friends that use shields/heals. It allows for better output with both your offensive and defensive spells. Oh, and it lets you keep building full AP Bard while also buffing your heals. Win-win.

Banner of Command

Point Runner makes sense for a siege themed item.

BUILD PATH :: Aegis of the Legion + Glacial Shroud + 100 gold >>> Aegis of the Legion + Raptor Cloak + 200 gold

TOTAL COST :: 2200 gold (unchanged)

[NEW] HEALTH REGEN :: +125% base health regen

MANA :: No longer grants 400 mana

[NEW] UNIQUE PASSIVE :: Point Runner: Builds up to 20% bonus movement speed over 2 seconds while near turrets, fallen turrets, and Void Gates.

This item has some interesting potential when combined with a very siege heavy comp. Putting it on someone like Blitzcrank will probably sadden your enemies. How can you dodge a hook when a rolling golem gathers no rust? Aside from hardcore siege, this item still seems fairly niche while also remaining annoying to deal with.

Knight’s Vow

Tanks like cooldown reduction, right?

BUILD PATH :: Crystalline Bracer + Chain Vest + 850 gold >>> Kindlegem + Chain Vest + 700 gold


HEALTH REGEN :: No longer grants +100% base health regen

The health regen isn’t really that big of a deal, especially after the health nerf during the last mid-season. However, the CDR is great. Usually you are going to build Knight’s Vow on a champion like Blitz, Thresh or Leona. CC machines that rely on their cooldowns more than anything. Now you can tank damage for your AD carry and keep your enemies in place.

Righteous Glory

Now builds out of Glacial Shroud instead of Catalyst of Aeons. Slow nova now cannot be triggered manually, and automatically triggers once near an enemy champion.

RECIPE :: Catalyst of Aeons + Crystalline Bracer + 750 gold >>> Glacial Shroud + Crystalline Bracer + 950 gold

HEALTH :: 500 >>> 400

[NEW] ARMOR :: 30


UNIQUE PASSIVE :: No longer grants Catalyst of Aeon’s Eternity passive

[NEW] UNIQUE ACTIVE :: Slow nova now automatically triggers if an enemy champion is within close proximity

UNIQUE ACTIVE :: Slow nova can no longer be manually triggered early

This item feels great to use now. The simple addition of the automatic slow nova makes a world of difference. When using an engage comp (again, someone like Blitzcrank, Taric or even Rakan), this item can surprise and terrify your enemies in a number of ways. Catch them off guard with your speed and take them down.

Ancient Coin Line

Just a few usability improvements to the coin drop mechanic.

PENNY PINCHING :: Champions no longer pick up mana coins if they’re at full mana

LIMITED-TIME OFFER :: Coins now have visual indicators when they’re about to expire


Cost down.

TOTAL COST :: 2400 gold >>> 2200 gold

COMBINE COST :: 350 gold >>> 450 gold

New Ancient Coin is super fun to use, so it is nice to see these quality of life changes coming in. It is also great to see Riot trying to entice support players to buy Talisman of Ascension instead of Eye of Oasis.

Relic Shield Line

Quality of life improvements and a buff-fix to Relic Shield and its upgrades.


BUFF-FIX :: The Relic Shield line’s quest reward shield now properly benefits from effects that modify heal and shield values (ex. Forbidden Idol line, Windspeaker’s Blessing)

VFX updates

PRETTY :: Spoils of War charge indicator sphere VFX have been updated to be more runic and less distracting

PRETTY :: The Relic Shield line’s quest reward shield VFX have been updated to be more Targonian

PRETTY :: Face of the Mountain’s active shield VFX have also been updated to be more Targonian

Again with the quality of life improvements. Nothing particularly new here, but still great to see.