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How to be the best Thresh in the new Dark Star: Singularity game mode

This looks like madness.

With the release of the two new Dark Star skins, Riot has also given us a new rotating game mode! It’s a Thresh-only game mode, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Your goal is to pull and flay your friends TO THEIR DEATHS. The map is small with a huge Dark Star in the center and you want to shove your enemies in there to kill them.

The Rules

The game is 3v3 and played in a best of three rounds - whatever team gets 100 points first wins that round. You accumulate points by pulling little Scuttles into the Dark Star for one point or enemy Threshes for five points.

Thresh’s skills have also been changed quite a bit to accommodate the game mode. His Q, Death Sentence, now has a range that nearly lets him pull from across the map - and if his Q goes through the Dark Star center, it’ll ignite the hook and deal more damage. Dark Passage, W, works a little bit different as well. His lantern will now automatically save teammates - they don’t need to click the lantern! His E, Flay, flings enemies farther based on missing health and the passive charges faster and hurts more. R, The Box, doesn’t exist on this map. :(

Enemies are not killed by auto attacks or abilities - you have to fling them into the Dark Star. Enemies can still be damaged and this influences Thresh’s Flay! Flinging an enemy into the Dark Star results in an instant-kill.

Tips and Tricks

This is one of the weirdest game modes that Riot has ever released. Even if you are very comfortable with Thresh, this new iteration will not feel that familiar to you.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • There are three little anchors on the edges of the map, you can hook to those and pull yourself towards them for quick movement.
  • You don’t have to enter the map right away. If you want to reposition your spawn, fly around in space and get a better entry point.
  • If you hook through the core, you can still pull yourself through it without taking damage.
  • There will be little health items that spawn, if you hook them, you will be healed immediately.

One of the keys here is to throw your hook through the core in an attempt to hit your enemies on the other side. The area is small and the cooldown is short, so if you throw your hook there is a good chance that you will hit someone on the other side. Death Sentence is a truly apt name here, as most hooks through the core will pull the enemy to their DOOM.

Where your thresh mechanics will really come into play is with Flay. Flay is one of the weirder abilities in the game, forcing you to be very specific with how you cast it. You need to keep a constant eye on where Thresh is at the time, and the direction that he is facing. Holding space to center your camera can help with this. If you want to flay someone towards you, position your mouse behind Thresh’s back and click. If you want to flay someone away, position the mouse in front.

Flay is your most useful ability in Dark Star. This will be your main tool for flinging your enemy into the core as well as Scuttle Crabs. It can be easy to mis-position yourself in hopes of making a flashy play into the core, so uh, be mindful of where you stand. It is best here to stay simple. Stay away from the core when possible and flay people towards it. Flaying Scuttle Crabs is good for points, but most of the time, it should probably be considered a waste of a cooldown.

Finally, use Dark Passage to save your allies when you can. If you position it between where a friend is flying and the core, they will be saved automatically. This will not only save you points, it will make you look bad ass as well.

And as MadLife has taught us, looking cool on Thresh is the only thing that matters anyway.