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League of Legends’ honor system is getting an update, with rewards

Riot is going to make complimenting teammates easier than ever soon!

Riot Games

League of Legend’s Honor system is supposed to be a way to recognize teammates that played well or made the game more enjoyable. But as the game has grown, the Honor system has largely fallen by the wayside. Thankfully, that’s set to change when Riot will introduce a new and improved system to show your teammates how much you like them!

The announcement was made in a video featuring Riot’s Lead Producer New001, who detailed the upcoming changes.

The new system will feature a new screen that will allow you to select one of three special commendations for each of your teammates after a game.

Riot Games

Options will include honoring a player for not tilting in difficult circumstances, making great calls, or simply being a really friendly teammate. Each of these Honors will go towards a player’s Honor Ranking, which will give them specialized rewards like loading screen icons or possible bigger rewards in the future.

According to the video, these changes will be on the Public Beta Environment for testing next week and the aim is to have them live by patch 7.13.

In a comment made shortly after the video was posted, Riot confirmed that they also plan a future update to the system that will include a way to honor enemy players as well.