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League of Legends runes update: Free revamped runes coming in Season 8

This is the change we’ve been waiting for

Riot Games

In the newest edition of Riot Pls, Lead Producer New001 shared huge changes that are coming to the rune system.

Runes and masteries will be combined come the preseason time in November this year to make a more efficient system. Riot is referring to this as Runes Reforged and yes, they will be free. Let me say it a bit louder for the audience in the back - runes are going to be free!

The new rune system will bring over the keystone system and there’s about to be some really neat skill and passive additions to help cater to your specific type of gameplay. New001 shared a couple of the new keystones, including Berserk, which grants you a 60 percent attack speed bonus and raises your attack speed cap for a few seconds when you’re in combat. Perxie is a keystone that grants you a little pet that you can send to your allies to give them a shield.

There will also be updates that have significant gameplay changes, like Major runes. The Major rune Overheal will do exactly what the name says - grant you a shield of health you overheal. It’s Soraka time again, guys.

These changes are monumental and we can expect to hear about them more in the future, though they won’t be here during season 7.