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Zac hotfixed after buffs lead to soaring win rate

Too strong. Much too strong.

Zac got quite a few adjustments in patch 7.10 to help his not-so-great performance in 7.9. His Stretching Strikes and Elastic Slingshot got a pretty big buff and his ultimate, Let’s Bounce! got hit with a small charge time nerf.

Riot has hotfixed his Stretching Strikes base damage from 40/60/80/100/120 to 30/40/50/60/70. Ouch. There was also an earlier hotfix for Zac that patched up a visual bug that occurred when he died while charging Let’s Bounce!.

Lead Gameplay Designer Andrei “Meddler van Roon also noted on the League forums that Zac was much stronger than anticipated.

Looks like we definitely overbuffed Zac in 7.10. We're looking at the best way to tone his power down at present, and figuring out just how out of line he is or isn't. Possible that happens in a hotfix, more likely 7.11 changes though unless we get a clear read on what exactly the biggest issue is and it looks urgent enough to not wait.

The buffs on Stretching Strikes were pretty substantial in patch 7.10. The base damage of the ability was reduced slightly to make room for the fact that it now also does 2.5 percent of Zac’s maximum health as damage. The range for the second bonus hit and the slam damage also got buffed.

There were a couple of other small fixes, like letting Zac cast Unstable Matter and queue Elastic Slingshot during Stretching Strikes’ second attack. That’s a lot of abilities.

Before the hotfix, Zac was doing the best in his role at a 55.34 percent win rate in the jungle. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled to see how these changes affect his success.