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Missions are coming to League of Legends stuff?

In a recent blog post by game designer Evan “Revenancer” Humphreys, Riot has revealed that missions are coming to League of Legends.

The first roll out of the missions is part of Riot’s new VS. event that pits Nightbringer Yasuo agaisnt Daybringer Riven.

Missions will be little blurbs in the new client that ask you to play a certain champion or win a set amount of games in exchange for a reward!

Missions will offer players new challenges to solve on the Rift for rewards like unique skins, Summoner icons, and loot. Since this is uncharted territory for League, we don’t quite know where we’ll end up years from now, but we do have some guiding principles to separate a good mission from a bad one.

- Revenancer

Missions will be supplemental and you won’t be forced to do them. In addition, they’ll be fair and won’t feel like you have to grind in order to complete said mission.

Revenancer notes that missions also won’t encourage people to troll games. Rather than a game that says to win a game as Lux with 300 attack damage, the missions will tell you to win at least three games with 10 kills or assists.

He also notes that Riot can do a lot with missions.

Our goal with Missions is to deepen all sorts of aspects of the game you already enjoy. Now regions and feature teams have the flexibility to add missions that enhance your experience with new goals and rewards. You might be able to do a chain of missions to demonstrate your loyalty to TSM (or CLG, if you’re a masochist like me) and earn a unique icon, or live a new champion’s story personally through a set of missions.

- Revenancer

That stuff sounds good to us! Other games like Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone also have this feature and it’s a great way to reward players for stepping outside their comfort level (or popping off within it.)

Missions should be added to the Public Beta Environment soon, but there has been no official launch date. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled.