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Patch 7.9 meta changes: Sejuani dominating after update

So, uh, when is she going to get nerfed again?

With the midseason patch hitting last week, balance and win rates in the game have obviously shifted. Here’s a look into who got hit by the changes the most, according to

Despite the fact that top lane is for tanks and bruisers, top lane is being dominated right now by high-damage champs like Karthus, Kayle and Quinn, while the big meaty tanks have awful win rates. This may be because of item changes and people not knowing how to properly build tanks anymore. Wasn’t the tank update supposed to help this? Rito, plz.

Quinn is most top-laners worst nightmare with good mobility, a skill that blinds and heavy ranged poke. It’s unsurprising that she’s doing well while traditional tanks struggle.

Sejuani is broken. That percentage health damage and her overwhelming large amount of crowd control make her a must-pick or ban in ranked and almost ruin the fun of playing this game. We can definitely expect more nerfs to come in for her, though she was already hotfixed soon after the patch went up.

To be clear, Corki’s win rate has improved, but he’s still not doing so hot, sitting at a low 47.76 percent win rate. Corki gains magic resist per level now, which might let him duel it out better against mages, but I don’t think that small changes was what gave him a 2.5 percent buff.

As lethality dies, Draven rises from the ashes, but lethality was killed a long time ago. Why has Draven gotten a boost in his win rate? We don’t know. He is a fairly good Rakan counter, but that doesn’t really explain why he’s doing better. He also may just be capitalizing on other champs like Twitch and Kog’Maw doing not-so-well anymore.

Thresh hit a big winrate buff, presumably thanks to the item changes! He now gets tankier with the new support quest item that grants a shield and can become a team-fighting CC monster with Gargoyle’s Stoneplate as a late-game item. Hey, that’s pretty good.