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League of Legends support items update: What they do now

Quests? Quests!

In the patch 7.9 midseason update, we saw a lot of changes to itemization and a handful of tank kits, but the support item changes has everyone a bit confused.

Each support item now has a “quest” associated with it and the support using said item gets bonuses if they complete their quest!

To complete each quest, you must obtain 650 gold using the item’s passive gold generation and its passive ability. You also need to upgrade the item to its second tier - Nomad’s Medallion for Ancient Coin, Targon’s Brace for Relic Shield and Frostfang for Spellthief’s Edge.

Ancient Coin

Ancient Coin’s item line saw the most changes, including a change to how passive gold is gained. The new passive, Favor, now makes minions killed by your allies drop coins. Pick up the coins for mana or gold and the pickup range scales with auto-attack range.

When the quest is completed, you get coin drops on enemy takedowns and a special potion that lets you put a skill point up in any skill.

Relic Shield

Relic Shield is pretty much the same, but it gives a quest bonus now! After completing the quest, you get Shield Battery, which is a 250 + 5 per level HP shield that regenerates out of combat. Taking down minions will help regenerate the shield faster. Neat!

Spellthief’s Edge

Spellthief’s line now gives more AP and less mana regeneration and it also has a quest reward. Tribute, Spellthief’s Edge’s passive, can only be activated once ever 1.25 seconds per spellcast now (which means no more easy Morgana money.) The minion kill penalty is also half the time it was before, now at six seconds per kill.

The usual Tribute passive gets upgraded to Queen’s Tribute on quest completion, granting a 50 percent movement speed for one second to the holder when the passive procs.