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Patch 7.7 Mid lane changes: Lux and Syndra buffed, Talon and Katarina nerfed

Please stop buffing Syndra.

Patch 7.7 dropped this week, which means that many of the game’s champions saw changes. Mid lane champs seem to have gotten heavily impacted, with Lux and Syndra seeing fairly decent buffs and Talon and Katarina’s early game getting nerfed.


Now every time you make a champion blow up with Final Spark, you gain a part of the ability’s cooldown back. Lux’s ultimate was always known as an important finisher in the game, but now you’re rewarded more than just a good feeling if you actually manage to kill your enemies with it. You get back 10/30/50 percent of the cooldown depending on the skill’s rank.


Syndra’s ultimate, Unleashed Power, had quite a bit of problems that are now fixed! The ability’s cooldown no longer gets reset if the cast was interrupted. The balls still appear but they do not do damage. The balls will also now continue hitting their target if Syndra dies during the cast. Also, if Syndra’s prey becomes untargetable, the balls will just drop where they were rather than disappearing.

So yes, in a way, this is a Syndra buff and yes, we are mortified.


Talon’s early game Noxian Diplomacy damage was nerfed. It’ll still do the same damage at max rank, but now he’ll stop being such an early game bully!


Riftwalk now scales with more AP and the cooldown of Force Pulse has been reduced! Is this enough for Kassadin to return to the Rift? Probably. There was also a bugfix where Nether Blade’s empowered auto attack was getting cancelled if the target left range during the wind up.


Oh thank goodness. Katarina’s Shunpo has been nerfed! The cooldown is now much longer in the early game, but at max rank, it’s still eight seconds. (Please end your games before Katarina gets to jump around everywhere.)