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Patch 7.7 support changes: Bard, Alistar get major tuning

Purple cow. Bag of wind. Gargoyle?

With League of Legends Patch 7.7, Riot has made some massive changes to two major supports: the moo cow, Alistar, and Bard, that weird floating bag from American Beauty. The reworked Galio is also seeing a small nerf in this patch. Support may not be his most popular role, but the changes could still hurt some bot lanes.

Alistar’s passive, Triumphant Roar, now heals all nearby allies, instead of just one. His Q, Trample, has received significant buffs to its early game cool down. In addition, the empowered attack bonus damage has had its scaling increased. Riot also noted that there was a bug that would cause minions under the effect of Trample to not display the visual debuff. This issue has been corrected.

Bard will gain a lot in this patch, all of it centered around his passive. The entire upgrade structure of his chimes has been re-done. The damage bonuses have been taken out entirely, instead being replaced with different effects. On top of that, every time Bard collects five chimes, he gains additional damage to his meeps. At its maximum capacity, Bard can now have nine meeps at once. For a complete listing of what his new upgrade path looks like, check out our list of all the 7.7 changes.

Of the “supports” in this patch, Galio is seeing the fewest changes. His passive, Colossal Smash, is seeing a small reduction in damage at all times during the game. His Q, Winds of War, is seeing a small buff in its initial AP ratio, but a nerf in the percent of health damage that the lingering tornado deals.