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Xayah kit reveal: New League of Legends ADC

Feathers have never seemed so dangerous

Riot Games

Riot announced two new champions Tuesday, a pair of bird-themed humanoids who are lovers in the League of Legends lore. Xayah is the new ADC coming out alongside Rakan, a support. Xayah is a blade-slinging ADC that takes a bit of prep time before killing everyone around her. But be warned, she may be throwing daggers, but it is the feathers that you should be worried about. Also, she can fly.

Here is what she can do, according to Riot’s kit reveal Tuesday.

Passive - Clean Cuts

After casting an ability, Xayah’s next few basic attacks will pierce through all enemies in their path (dealing reduced damage to all targets after the first). They’ll also leave a feather where they land. Feathers remain on the field for a moderate length of time.

Q - Double Daggers

Xayah throws two blades in a line, damaging all enemies hit. The blades leave a feather where they land.

W - Deadly Plumage

Xayah conjures a storm of feather blades that increase the strength and speed of her next few basic attacks. If Xayah attacks an enemy champion while empowered by Deadly Plumage, she’ll gain a short burst of movement speed.

If Rakan is nearby when Xayah activates Deadly Plumage, he’ll also gain the ability’s effects.

E - Bladecaller

Xayah recalls all feathers, which deal damage to any enemies they strike on the way back to Xayah. If a target is struck by several feathers at once, they’ll be briefly rooted.

R - Featherstorm

Xayah leaps into the air, becoming briefly untargetable. After a short delay, she hurls a storm of blades in a cone, each of which deals damage to struck enemies and leaves a feather upon landing. Xayah may continue to move while airborne.

Riot has also noted that both Xayah and her partner Rakan have a special recall. If one is already recalling and the other begins, the two will sync up and do a special duo recall together.

That ultimate sure sounds scary, as does the rest of her kit. Is this the scariest use of feathers in League of Legends? Or does Anivia have Xayah beat?