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Patch 7.8 meta: Xayah and Rakan aren’t so bad

Not too shabby!

Normally when champs release or update, their win rates are abysmal, but Rakan and Xayah did not get that treatment. While their win rates are slightly lower than average, it’s not horrible. According to, Xayah and Rakan don’t have huge impacts in secondary roles and they’re both being played quite a bit.

Rakan is sitting at a 21.79 percent play rate and it seems like the longer the game is, the better he does.

His most successful build includes an Eye of Equinox, Randiun’s Omen and Ninja Tabi, ditching the more popular build of Boots of Mobility and an Ardent Censor in exchange for some tankiness.

His skills are also a bit different in win rate and play rate. The most successful Rakans max his Q, then W and E, but people do it in the opposite order more frequently.

Xayah on the other hand, is in a similar place with a 21. 58 percent play rate and she tends to win more around the 25 - 30 minute long game mark.

She builds a hybrid of attack speed and critical strike chance, grabbing an Infinity Edge and Blade of the Ruined King in her builds. People seem to win the most on her when they get a Rapid Fire Cannon, Phantom Dancer and Essence Reaver as well.

Of course, these low win rates are caused by people trying out the new champs and getting used to them - we can probably expect their win rates to improve next week. Either way, they’re not doing as bad as we thought they would on release.