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New League of Legends tank items: Adjustments to defensive items are coming

More situational tank items for all your needs.

Similarly to the other class updates we’ve had, the tank midseason update will be adding a handful of new items and changing some existing items.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Made of a Chain Vest and a Negatron Cloak, this item gives both armor and magic resist. The passive ability gives even more resistances when around three or more enemy champions! The active, Metallicize, makes the user gain health and size, but reduces damage. When the passive and active are activated at the same time, the health gain is huge.

Adaptive Helm

This item is made from a Spectre’s Cowl and a Null Magic Mantel. As expected from that item build, it gives magic resist, health, base health regen and cooldown reduction. The passive allows the user to take less damage from the same spell if it’s used within a certain amount of time.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel has been a necessary last item on AD-carries for a while and now it’ll be core to every ADC! Now it’s made out of a Long Sword, Pickaxe and Cloth Armor and it grants attack damage and armor! The passive is the same, but it should be noted that it no longer gives magic resist.

These and many other items are being reworked now on the Public Beta Environment and are available for testing! These changes should come in patch 7.9. We’ll update this post as more information about the new and changed items comes out!